How to Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter

With cold Chicago winters, you want to be warm and cozy in your home and save money while doing so. There are some simple things you can do to help save money during the colder months while keeping your home warmer. Chicago Window Pros is the leading window replacement company helping homeowners save money with…

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Maintenance Tips for Long-term Functioning Vinyl Windows

Installing beautiful windows in your home will go a long way to updating your home’s appearance. Window replacements is an investment and the way you regularly maintain your windows will impact how long they end up lasting, how great they look, and how well they operate. The majority of window problems is due to lack…

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How to find the best replacement windows?

If you are looking for the very best replacement windows for your home, it can be overwhelming with the choice. There are some important factors to consider when searching for the best windows for your home. If you think about and write down every possible detail when it comes to purchasing new windows, then it…

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How to find the best window replacement company?

Upgrading your windows can be a significant investment. Because of it, it is vital to make certain that you seek the services of a licensed and trustworthy window replacement contractor that delivers outstanding customer service, quality products, and affordable prices. Selecting the best window replacement company will help assure that you are getting the best…

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How to Keep Cold Air Out of the Home

When trying to keep your home warm during colder months, a drafty window can make it more difficult to achieve comfort. Even if the window itself doesn’t have damage, if there is damage or ware around the window seal, it can cause a leak. How do you keep cold air from entering through the windows? …

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How to Fix a Leaky Window without Replacing It!

If you feel a draft or air around your window, you are likely to have a leak.  When a window has a leak, air and/or moisture can get through the cracks and enter the home. Not only can a leaky window make living conditions less comfortable, but it can also increase the cost of the…

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