About Window Replacements in Chicago


Most homeowners may not think about replacing their windows until something goes wrong as if they notice a window leak.  Air leaks, condensation, fogged glass, and insect intrusions are just a few of the reasons why a homeowner may think about replacement windows.  Window replacement is a significant investment and does require time investment as far as figuring out the type of windows and features to get.  Chicago Window Pros is the Chicago area’s leading window replacement company offering a variety of high-quality windows at reasonable prices.

Window Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing windows depends on several factors like the type and style of window you would like, materials used, the window features and any type of glazing used. To save money, homeowners may decide to just hire a handyman to replace their windows.   The result of hiring a handyman is problems with the windows down the road.  Hiring a window replacement company is ensuring better quality windows and installation by those who have the experience.

Fixing Windows Instead of Window Replacement

You may feel it is necessary to replace your windows right away.  If there is an issue with a window, you may be able to fix it if there is a broken seal by caulking it or add weather-stripping or insulation.

When is the Most Ideal Time to Replace Windows

It doesn’t matter what time of year even during wintry weather conditions, windows can be replaced any time of year.  During the warmer months, window replacement companies are busier, which means it may take longer to get an appointment to get windows replaced.

Save Money with Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung and double-hung windows are simple to use and are the most affordable type of window because they have a lower pane or sash that easily slides upward. When opening a window is easy by unlatching the window and sliding the lower sash up to let air inside the home.

Window Replacement as a Do-It-Yourself Project or DIY Project

Professional window installers have the tools and experience necessary to successfully finish a window installation. This is one home improvement project you do not want to accomplish yourself because of not having the skills or tools to do it properly.  You may save a lot of money replacing your own windows, but you may risk potential issues with the windows down the road.

Throughout the Chicago area, Chicago Window Pros is known as the leading window replacement company providing high-quality windows at economical prices. To schedule an appointment or get a window replacement estimate (888) 308-9050. You can also request a FREE QUOTE through our contact page.