Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

If you own a home, you may need to replace your windows at some point.  For any homeowner, Window replacement is a significant purchase for any home. Many homeowners may understand the advantages of updating old windows, choosing a window style may be more difficult.  Chicago Window Pros is the Chicago area’s leading window replacement company offering a range of window styles including double-hung windows.

There are several benefits to window replacement, but what may be great to one-person may not be to another person.

The following are advantages of double hung windows:

Cleans Easily

Do you dislike cleaning old windows that you decide to hire someone else to clean your windows? Because newer double hung windows do tilt in, they make it much easier to clean. With double hung windows, you can easily clean your own windows without having the expense of paying someone to do it.

Save Energy & Help Save Money

When you want to preserve energy and its cost, it is essential to decrease overall energy usage before considering investing in clean or renewable energy. If not, you can waste energy. Replacing drafty windows with more energy efficient windows will help save on energy.

Reduce Air Leaks

New windows will prevent air from leaking out of your home, so your home sustains a steadier temperature year-round. You will appreciate staying comfortable with a draft-free home while utilizing less air conditioning and heat.

Increase Home’s Resale Value

For many homeowners, the most considerable payoff of replacement windows comes during the time of a resale. When you look at the future, you will enjoy being comfy in your home year-round while improving your home’s value if you decide to sell. Typically, homeowners recover about 80% of the cost of replacing windows when they sell their home.

To increase resale value, pick double hung windows that compliment the style of your home, particularly if it’s a older home. For instance, wood windows with separated light panes help to keep the historic design of old windows while adding value.

After looking at the benefits and expenses of replacement double hung windows, most homeowners discover that the benefits provide more benefits than the expense in the years to come.

What is the Cost for Double Hung Windows?

There isn’t a one-size fits all response for the cost of double hung windows because it will depend on how many windows are in your home, the window size, and the options you select with your double hung windows. If you choose windows with a Low-E coating, which prevents UV rays from infiltrating the windows, you will end up paying more for this feature.

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