Benefits of Double-Pane Glass Replacement Windows

When considering window replacement, an element to consider before purchasing is the type of glass you want – single-pane or double-pane windows.

Difference Between Single-Pane and Double-Pane Windows

The main difference between a single-pane window and a double-pane window is the number of glass layers it offers. Single-pane windows have one layer of glass while a double-pane window has two panes.  You get more protection with a double-pane window.

Single-pane windows may be less expensive than double-pane windows, but double-pane windows are more energy efficient.

Benefits of Double-Pane Windows

Double-pane windows can reduce energy usage by just over 20 percent during the winter months and just over 15 percent during the summer months. To benefit from high-quality window replacement, it is recommended to have all windows replaced not just one window.

The two layers of glass in double-panes will drastically reduce the amount of outdoor noise that enters your home and the amount of noise that comes from the inside of your home.  This is ideal to keep the outside noise outside and the inside noise outside.

Regardless, if considering buying double-pane windows, quality should be the top concern. While you may be interested in the most affordable price for windows, the result of inexpensive windows is not worth it in the long run like poor quality windows having failed seals that end up causing condensation buildup between the two panes.

The window manufacturers that Chicago Window Pros stands behind are manufacturers that develop high-quality double-pane glass using a formulated multi-layer Low-E coating and that is insulated with Argon gas.

Our glass retains more heat in the winter to keep your house more comfortable and will reflect heat in the summer to decrease your cooling expenses.

Double-pane windows prove to be the best choice for many homeowners but there are some that still want single-pane windows in their home.

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