Can I Just Replace the Window Glass?

Accidents happen and if you have a broken window, it can be frustrating.  So, you may wonder what to do about the broken window and if the glass can be replaced or if the entire window would need to be replaced.  Chicago Window Pros is the Chicago area’s leading window replacement company.

Depending on the issue with the broken window, you have options to fix the problem. If the pane of glass is just damaged, a window replacement company can take out the broken pane and replace it with the same type of glass.

With glass replacement, the damaged pane will be taken out, the frame cleaned, new glass replaced and then sealed. Your window will be as good as new for a fraction of the price of a window replacement.

If you don’t have the money to hire a window replacement company to replace the glass, you can try to do it yourself.  It may be difficult if you don’t have the knowledge to do it because if you don’t know what type of glass to get, it may be an issue when you replace it yourself.

Chicago Window Pros is highly regarded as the Chicagoland area’s leading window replacement company providing top-notch windows at the affordable prices. To schedule a convenient appointment or to receive a window replacement estimate (888) 308-9050. You can also request a FREE QUOTE through our contact page.