Composite Windows vs. Vinyl Windows

Not only is window replacement a great way to increase the value of your home, but it is also an ideal way of preserving energy while saving on energy expenses. Composite window replacements have been getting attention recently. How do they compete with vinyl windows? windows?

What exactly are Composite Windows?

Composite windows are more sophisticated than vinyl windows. This type of window is made from a combination of materials like what is found in the bumper of your vehicle.

Composite windows look different and appear like wood windows. This type of windows is ideal for those who have an older historic home. The windows may look like wood windows but fortunately, do not require the maintenance like wood windows.

Composite windows come in various colors and window types. Additionally, they are affordable and less expensive than wood windows, which make a great investment for homeowners who do not want to spend more money on wood windows.

Features: Composite Windows vs. Vinyl Windows

There are similarities and differences between the two window styles.

An Assortment of Styles – Composite windows and vinyl windows are available an assortment of colors, which means you can find something that matches your home.

Low Maintenance – Both windows types are virtually low maintenance. They need do not require any staining, painting or scraping and are won’t rot. Both may need occasional cleaning to look good and to operate effortlessly.

Energy Efficiency – Both composite windows and vinyl windows offer a lot of energy efficiency.

Pricing – Vinyl windows are less expensive than composite windows and provide a lot of energy efficiency. Vinyl windows can be designed in any shape or size, which means they are an ideal option for most purposes.

Window Durability – Regardless of which one you have, composite or vinyl both can get hail damage. For hotter climates, composite windows may be a better choice because vinyl windows can at times warp when subjected to high heat.

Also, vinyl windows tend to last a long time like three decades and will not rust.

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