Difference Between Storm Windows and Replacement Windows

What is the difference among storm windows and replacement windows?

Storm Windows are windows that are installed on the outside of existing installed windows. The purpose of storm windows is to offer more wind protection and weather insulation during Chicago elements. Storm windows will help to normalize the temperature inside the home.

Storm windows can be customized to fit right over your existing windows and can be made in most colors. They are usually installed on the exterior of your existing windows, but you can request interior storm windows.

Replacement Windows pertains to several various types of installation options which involves an old window being removed and replaced with a new window. Replacement windows offer significant energy cost savings over time, along with outstanding durability and others guarantees.

To make the best decision about window replacement or storm windows, you should consider the following:

Spending Budget – If money’s not an issue, then storm windows may not be the best option, except if you want to keep the old windows for visual reasons. If money is an issue, storm windows may be the best option for now.

If you are a handy individual, you may be able to install your own storm windows, but it is recommend for window replacements to be handled by window experts.

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