Do My Windows Really Need To Be Replaced?

Your windows are the main part of your home’s comfort and entire energy efficiency. Therefore, it is essential to know when your windows need to be replaced. Buying replacement windows is a significant purchase that you want sure to receive the best windows at the best pricing.  Chicago Windows Pros can evaluate your windows and help you decide whether window replacement is ideal now.

If you observe any of the following signs, it may be very well time to consider window replacement.

Increase with Energy Bills – If you notice an increase with your energy bills, it can be several reasons causing the increased bill. Your windows may have an air leak, a faulty glass seal or have a dislodged frame. Once you discover the leaky window, then you can determine if it is fixable or needs to be replaced.

Observe Considerable Window Damage – If parts of your window are damaged or beyond repair, replacement windows are likely needed. It is important to address these issues quickly, as they can turn into some serious damage.

Windows Don’t Match Home Decor – When remodeling a room or complete home, you might notice that your windows look misplaced. In such cases, you may want to consider updating your windows to have better windows in your home saving energy but also to improve the look of your home, too.

Notice Drafts in Rooms – If you start noticing area coming in a room, there may be a leak. You can easily check for a leak by moving your hand around the window to feel the air or a lighting a match in front of the window frame to see the flame move.

Living in an Area that Gets Bad Weather – Living in the Chicago area, there is bad winters and tornado season to worry about. This means there is more of a risk of damage increasing the need to replace windows.

If you notice anything going with your windows, it is a good idea to call Chicago Window Pros so one of our technicians can go out to your house and inspect the windows.

All through the Chicago area, Chicago Window Pros is recognized as the top window replacement company offering top quality windows at the most economical prices. To schedule an appointment or get a window replacement estimate (888) 308-9050. You can also request a FREE QUOTE through our contact page.