Does your Windows Leak?

Some point in your life, you probably have experienced a leaky window.  You would know because if near it, you would feel a draft coming in.  If your windows are leaking air, this means you are losing energy and paying more for energy expenses.  While a leaky window may be a small issue, it can turn into a bigger issue if it is not taken care of.

Again, if you have a leaky window, you will feel air coming in around the window.  You may even notice moisture within the glass or see mold growth if the window is leaking.  If you start noticing air coming into the home, then you may want to take care of it before the problem turns into something bigger.

If you notice a problem with your window, you may easily find the problem when you look at the window.  You want to make sure you identify the problem and take care of it right away.  You would wan to find out if the problem just started happening or maybe if it started after installation then you can contact the window company.

If your windows leak, likely you have drafts. When the window’s seal is ruined, the outside air will easily go into the home while the air in the home will go outside.

When windows leak, it will affect the home’s energy efficiency if the heat is on during the colder months and the interior heat escapes through the gap in the window. The only way to compensate for the loss is to turn up the heat or the air conditioner.

The cause of window drafts could be from several things. The window could have been installed not correctly, there could be a crack, or it could just be a performance issue with over time wear. Commonly, wood and vinyl windows are prone to window warping, it isn’t unusual to see a decline in window performance with these types of windows.

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