Energy-Efficient Window Replacement Options

Installing replacement windows in your home is a considerable financial investment. When homeowners are interested in window replacement, they look at the appearance, durability and any requirements needed for maintaining the windows. One of the most wanted features people look for in a new window is if it is energy efficient. Energy efficient windows are known for maintaining the temperature indoors while helping to save on energy costs.

Energy-efficient Window Panes – When going with the best window for your home, it’s important to consider an energy efficient window.  One option is multi-pane glass which will trap air between the glass to help insulate the home during extreme weather. Energy-efficient replacement windows typically have double-pane glass and the area between the panes is filled with Argon or Krypton. These gases are non-toxic, odorless, colorless and are better insulators than just plain air.

Spacers – Spacers are the components of the window that separates the panes on a multi-pane window. Heat can bleed across spacers to insulate the edges of the panes and reduce the heat transfer.

Insulating Window Frames – When it comes to having energy efficient windows, the window frame does make a big difference.  Window frames are made of vinyl, fiberglass, wood or even aluminum.  Aluminum is not energy efficient and wood windows require more maintenance than fiberglass frames.

Chicago Window Pros offers high quality energy efficient windows featuring specialized glass coating called Low-E glass.  This glass will reflect infrared light which will keep homes cool in summer months and warmer in winter months.

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