Energy Efficient Windows will Save you Money

As temperatures and humidity rise, the challenge to keep homes cooled down has led to increased energy bills. Even an air conditioner that is continuously running will have difficulty fighting off the summer heat. People look for ways to keep their electricity usage at sensible levels to avoid inflated energy bills. While you may not be able to entirely avoid higher energy expenses, there are ways in which you can keep from spending too much to try to keep your home cool.

One of the most advisable and financially-sound alternatives to reducing your energy costs in both summer and winter is to replace your windows with energy efficient ones. Windows that are energy efficient include options that particularly keep the heat from the sun and make sure the cool air remains in the home.

Some affordable options for energy-efficient windows include:

New replacement windows more than likely have Low-E glass. This is an energy-efficient option that will block most of the sun’s rays. This type of protection is available in various coatings, glazes, and tint.

For energy-efficient windows, there are two panes of glass and the space between is filled with Argon gas. The Argon gas insulates the window to block out heat as well as outside noise.

The best weatherstripping offered willfully insulate the window’s edges, protecting against leaks that increase your energy bills.

Furthermore, energy efficient windows will insulate your home from cold weather during the winter. About a third of a home’s energy is lost because of windows if they are not appropriately insulated. Energy efficient windows will substantially reduce the amount of energy needed to sustain a comfortable living environment.

If your windows are old, not functioning or leaking air, it may be a good idea to call Chicago Window Pros and have a professional evaluate your windows.  We help homeowners save money while making their home atmosphere more pleasant and we can help you!

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