How to Clean Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are designed to be low maintenance, but this does not prevent them from being thoroughly cleaned. A mix of rain, dirty ground and higher pollen counts can leave windows streaked with dirt. Undoubtedly, cleaning vinyl window frames doesn’t sound fun, but it very easy and will end up paying off in the long term. Are you asking yourself what is the most ideal way to clean vinyl windows? We are about to share with you the most effective cleaning methods that do not take a lot of time.

Cleaning Tips for Exterior Vinyl Windows

Cleaning the external side of vinyl windows will give the home a better curb appeal. It is simple, just mix a simple cleaning solution comprised of a gallon of warm water and 1-1/2 cups of distilled white vinegar or a teaspoon of mild soap.

Rinse the outside of the windows with water to remove any dirt and debris.

As soon as the windows have been rinsed, apply of the cleaning solution to the entire window, then use a soft sponge or a cloth to clean the vinyl windows. If decide to use a soapy solution, rinse the windows once again to protect against soap scum from drying on the windows, then use a cloth to dry the windows. If you decided to use a vinegar solution, dry the windows with a cloth. That is it and all you need to know in order to effectively clean the exterior vinyl window frames and glass.

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