How to Decrease Winter Heating Bills

Winter months equals higher gas or electric bills.  It can be costly for keeping the cold air outside and the warm air inside, particularly if you have many windows or leaky windows. You can easily prevent heat loss from your windows and keep your home warm while saving on your energy bills.  Chicago Window Pros is regarded as the wintry Chicagoland premier window replacement company.

To winterize your home to keep it warm and save you money, you can do the following:

Sealing Windows

Drafty windows are caused by air coming in and out of the holes and cracks surrounding the windows. You can help decrease air flow through cracks around the windows by caulking the window trim.  You can also insert expandable foam or polyethylene backer to decrease additional air leakage.

If you can feel drafts around your windows, more than likely you are losing heat.  Even if you do not feel a draft around your windows, you can still have an air leak around your windows.

Around the frames of every window in your home, you want to check for cracks and gaps or deteriorating caulk or rotten wood. You can easily repair or replace caulk or rotted wood window frames.  Additionally, you can look for any openings behind the window trim, which can cause air leakage.

If the caulk around the windows needs to be replaced, you want to dig out the old caulk and put new caulk in its place.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping comes in various types of material that you can choose from. For instance, felt weather stripping is low-priced and can be applied easily, but it is less resilient and doesn’t block out drafts compared to other material.  Vinyl weather stripping is more effective but harder to install.  The best weather stripping is magnetic weather stripping it works great to block out air leaks, but it is more costly than other materials.

Window Film

If you are wondering how window film can keep your house warm when you thought it was meant to keep the sun out and your house nice and cold in the summer, you might be missing out on one of the latest advances in year-round indoor temperature control.

Thermal Window Coverings

Thermal window coverings are an easy way to keep the heat inside your home.

You can easily get drapes that are thick and thermal.  Not only will they help keep your home warmer, but it will give you more privacy while making a room darker.  For even more energy-efficiency, you can overlap the panels and even Velcro them to the walls.

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