How to Effectively Clean your Windows

Living in the Chicago area, we deal with some intense weather conditions like wind, rain, snow, hail and other elements.  It is good to regularly clean your windows to make them look beautiful inside and out.  Regardless of the age of the windows, it is recommended to be on top of cleaning them.

You can use your own desired cleaning solution or create a simple one yourself.


Recipe #1

1 Cup – Water

1 Cup – Rubbing Alcohol

1 Tablespoon Vinegar

Mix all together in an empty spray bottle and start cleaning.  That’s it!

Recipe #2
1 Cup – Water
¼ Cup – White Vinegar
2 to 3 Drops – Dish Soap
Mix all together in an empty spray bottle and start cleaning.  That’s it!


Window screens are notorious for accumulating dust, dirt and pollen regardless of the time of year.  It is a good habit to clean your window screens regularly to remove any dirt, grime and anything else to give your windows a clearer view.

Window Screen Cleaning Recommendations:

– Remove screens from the windows.
– Spray dry screens with a dust removal product like Endust and it let dry.
– Spray screens with a garden hose sprayer.
– Wipe off the window frames.
– Replace the screens.

This is a simple tip in order to keep your windows looking clean inside and out.

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