How to Find the Best Windows for Winter

With temperatures decreasing and wintry weather starting, winter is obviously here. While cold weather may not be liked by everyone, there is not as lovely as a sight as a blanket of freshly fallen snow. What a better way to enjoy the beautiful view while staying warm, then having new windows installed.  Chicago Window Pros is the Chicago area’s most preferred window replacement company during the winter months or any time of year.

You Can Easily Save on Your Energy Bills Even in Winter

A little less than 50% of the average energy bill goes toward heating the home. It is the biggest cost in a typical home. Additionally, drafty windows are one of the top reasons for heat loss during winter months making it an expensive problem. When searching for the very best windows to withstand Chicago winters, you will want to investigate low U-factor to better insulate the home. The lower the U-factor, the more your window will be energy efficient.

Energy Star Windows

If you would not like to take into consideration the U-factor of a window, you can depend on the Energy Star ranking system. Windows must meet certain efficiency requirements based on where you live, so an Energy Star window will perform well in your environment during the winter months.

Window Components

Generally, vinyl windows are more insulative than wood windows. After that, fiberglass insulates a lot better than vinyl windows. Aluminum windows should be avoided in colder climates because the U-factor is high and it is likely to be prone to condensation.

Window Styles

Another element to think about is window style when looking into window replacement. Among the two most preferred window styles is casement windows and double hung windows, casement windows somewhat perform better than double hung windows when having to do with to air leaks.

These are just a few things to consider when shopping for new windows to be the most effective during the winter months.  As your windows installer questions to make sure you are getting the best window for your money.

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