How to Get Privacy with your Windows

Windows are the greatest attribute to any home mainly because windows let light and air inside the home. The only element windows do not offer is privacy. Without some sort of window covering, anybody would be able to view inside your home. Privacy and overall appearance are vital, and it is best to choose the best window coverings to attain the volume of privacy you want. No matter your preference, there are several options available.

There are several options to choose to cover your windows:

Curtains are a great option because they aren’t only eye-catching, but they can easily be used with blinds. There are several choices available for curtains like styles, colors, textures, fabrics and more. You can have some privacy while letting some light in with sheer curtains or have complete privacy with thicker curtains.

Blinds are ideal for privacy and come in various styles and colors. You have a choice from vertical blinds or horizontal blinds that are available in a variety of materials which include vinyl, plastic or wood. Many blinds can be purchased to fit common sized windows or can easily be customized to fit.

Shades are similar to blinds with the main variation being they don’t have slats and are usually made with some form of fabric. Shades can provide some light but tend to offer more privacy.

Frosted Glass is a favorite and elegant way to offer privacy, particularly in the bathroom. Instead of being sleek, you can also have a textured finish. Consequently, nobody would be able to see through this type of glass because everything is altered. Generally, you will find this kind of glass on shower doors or even in bathroom windows.

Window Film or Decals can offer privacy for bathrooms, front doors, and shower doors. They are made to be easily installed or removed yourself.

Exterior Window Privacy Screens are a perfect option for windows like bathrooms primarily because they enable you to open the window while continuing to have privacy. These window privacy screens usually have slats and can be installed on the outside of the home.

Interior Shutters are yet another option for privacy and can be found in bathrooms or kitchens. Shutters basically like doors for windows that can have slats on them. You can also get shutters that have a rod in the center of the slats, so you can easily open or close the slats on the shutters without needing to open or close the shutter doors.

There are various choices available for window privacy no matter if looking for complete privacy, limited privacy or privacy whenever you want. With so many various options available to go with any home and décor, it makes having privacy from your windows so much better.

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