How to Keep Cold Air Out of the Home

When trying to keep your home warm during colder months, a drafty window can make it more difficult to achieve comfort. Even if the window itself doesn’t have damage, if there is damage or ware around the window seal, it can cause a leak.

How do you keep cold air from entering through the windows?  There are ways you can affordably get rid of drafts without window replacement.

Curtains can also be used to keep drafts out of the home aside from keeping light out. Thick or thermal curtains can easily add a layer of insulation to the window while blocking out excess sunlight.  Heavy curtains are not the most preferred method if wanting to allow natural light in a room, but they can be opened when needed while providing more warmth and comfort.

Weather-stripping is are another affordable and easy way to keep out drafts. It is self-adhesive strips that can easily be applied. However, weather-stripping won’t offer a permanent solution and can possibly cause damage to paint when removed.

Some people may caulk along the edges of the windows to seal them shut if not planning on opening the windows until warmer weather.

Re-caulking your windows is a great way to easily seal your windows to help keep cold air outside.

A window insulation film is a method many people use to keep drafts out of the home.  It is a simple process by applying a plastic sheet of film and using heat to seal it.  It’s very simple to do!

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