How to Maintain Your Windows

Whether you have older windows or had new window replacements installed, it is highly recommended to maintain your windows in order to keep them operating as they should.  With regular window maintenance, you will find your windows will perform better and last longer.  Chicago Window Pros is the Chicagoland areas most trusted window replacement company.

With new windows, you will save on energy and have a better all-around visual appeal.  To keep your home windows looking and working as good, be sure to keep regular maintenance habits. By following these basic window maintenance tips, it will help ensure your windows will last for years.

Keep Windows Clean – Occasionally, wipe down the window frame with a moist cloth to eliminate dust and dirt. Use glass cleaner for the glass to keep the window panes clean and shiny. Be persistent in your cleaning to avoid dirt building up and any mold developing.

Seal Off Gaps – Sealing off gaps is especially if you live in a colder climate or if you tend to run an air conditioner during the warmer months. When air leaks through any small spaces between the window and frame, energy bills are likely to increase.

Maintain the Exterior – It may be easier to maintain the interior of the windows, but you want to make sure you don’t forget to maintain the window exteriors, too. The exterior of the windows are subjected to harsher out conditions and weather elements, so they will likely need more cleaning, maintenance, and repair.

Hire a Window Replacement Professional – Window replacement is one job you want to be sure professionals are taking care of.  If you replace your own windows you are risking window damage at the time of the install or window problems down the road.  Before installing new windows, a window replacement professional will be able to do a thorough inspection and figure out exactly your replacement plan should be.

Know When to Replace your Windows – With proper cleaning and maintenance, new windows can last around 20 years. Depending on the material, your lack of maintenance and environmental conditions, windows could need to be replaced sooner.

Maintaining clean windows and keeping them maintained, it can assure you the greatest life possible for your new windows.

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