How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

In every home, you will find big rooms and smaller rooms.  Do you have a small room in your home and wish it were bigger?  There are ways you can making your room bigger without having to make any big changes.  If you have a small room that you want to make look bigger, then you can easily give your small space a makeover.

What can Make a Room Look Smaller:

Large furniture or too much furniture – Without thinking we may try to maximize a room’s sitting space by adding too much furniture. While you may be offering more seating, you are reducing the space in your room, making it appear more compact. You can change this by adding several smaller pieces of furniture help with opening your room.

Color Scheme – If you have too many different colors in a room, it may make the room look smaller. To easily change the color of the room, similar paint schemes and connect it with the hallways or rooms to develop a look that the room doesn’t end at the doorway.

Clutter or Disorganization – Having too many small decorations or things sitting in any room can cause your room to look cluttered, especially in a smaller room. Instead of a lot of little decor or knick-knacks, take into consideration only having a few items out.

So, How Can You Make Your Room Look Bigger?

Keep Colors Neutral. Vibrant or dark colors can make your room look even smaller than it may be, so optimize the space by using mild, neutral colors. Light colors can brighten up your room and make the space seem more open.

Cover Storage. Make essential items vanish by adding furniture that doubles as storage or purchase storage containers to keep items from cluttering the room.

Replace your Windows. Older windows can possibly reduce the size of the room by not allowing as much light to come inside making a room look smaller. There are various replacement window styles that can easily open a room by giving the overall look of more space while letting more light come inside the room.

Add Bow or Bay Windows Great Way to Make a Room Look Bigger

Windows impact the overall appearance of a room, especially when it comes to the room’s size. One of simplest ways to improve the space in your room is by adding a bow or bay window. Not only do these types of windows add more light to a dark room, but they will add depth and dimension to the room, too.  Larger windows enable more natural light to filter into the room, giving it a comfortable feeling.

Chicago Window Pros offers an array of design options. Bow and bay windows can totally change the look of your room, while adding beauty to it.

These are just a few simple tips to help increase the size of your room without making cosmetic changes.  You will find if you do these simple tips, your room will appear larger.

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