How to Save Money During the Winter Months

Most people want to save money and save it wherever they can, especially with utility bills. Winter months energy is used a lot and can easily be wasted if there are drafts in the windows and with the doors opening and closing.  Having an energy-efficient home is important to minimizing your energy costs. To help manage expenses, you can use these useful energy saving tips this winter:

  • On sunny days when the sun is shining in your windows, keep your curtains or blinds opened.
  • Use weather-stripping for the doors.
  • At night and non-sunny days, keep your curtains or blinds closed.
  • When on the couch, get cozy with a throw blanket.
  • On floors that tend to get cold, place throw rugs on them.
  • If you use a ceiling fan, turn the setting to low and clockwise to increase ventilation and airflow.
  • Use a humidifier to increase moisture to the air.
  • During sleeping hours, decrease your thermostat by 10 degrees during the night.
  • Heat only rooms that you are using for long periods of time.
  • Use warm comforter with flannel or warm sheets.
  • Ensure that your home is well insulated.
  • Keep furnace and vents cleaned.
  • Use exhaust fans occasionally.

Check your windows for drafts. Windows can lose a lot of heat in your home. If your windows are old or are leaking, you may want to have a window expert evaluate your windows to see if you need replacement windows.

Doing simple things during the colder months, can help you save money with your energy bills.  If you are leaking air through your windows, you may want to have the windows checked out.  Feeling drafts is not pleasant especially when the air is cold.  Plus, the money you are throwing out the window when heat is escaping because of the leaky windows.  Chicago Window Pros will help you get rid of the drafts and help you save money.

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