How to Take Care of Double Hung Replacement Windows

More homeowners looking for replacement windows tend to go with double hung windows. It is because they are not only attractive but also easy to maintain. Double hung windows come with two parts – top and bottom and each slide up and down independently enabling occupants to appreciate improved air circulation.

Newer models of double hung windows include latches that enable the user to easily clean both sides of the window from inside the home. This model is preferred mainly because it makes cleaning much easier and being able to keep up with the maintenance. The latch can end up prolonging the life of the windows.

How to clean double hung windows effectively:

  • It is recommended to set a chair beneath the window area while cleaning and allow the back of the chair to take the burden of supporting the window panes. Doing so, it can eliminate the possibility of damaging the painted finish on the windows.While cleaning, the upper sash of the window must be made to rest on the lower sash for support to avoid damage to the window.
  • The upper sash needs to be cleaned first to prevent the washed off dirt from getting on the surface of the lower sash. Right after cleaning the upper sash, the tilt latches must be used before the upper sash is slid back up so the lower one can be cleaned.
  • When cleaning replacement windows, use a mild chemical which is any mild detergent combined with water or vinegar alternative. Be sure to use a cloth or chamois when cleaning. When cleaning around the window pane along the seal or the finish on the window, you want to avoid damaging it.
  • Stay clear of handling the rashes aggressively to able to protect window’s painted finish.
  • After wet cleaning the windows, you can follow with dry clean, too. A chamois cloth is the most effective choice when it involves removing streaks from the glass. To help remove any liquid remains or to get as close to the finish of the windows, you can use a squeegee by applying little pressure.

Interested in guarding your double hung windows from paint and frame destruction?

Be sure to read and follow the manufacturers’ instructions for window care and maintenance. Doing so will help prevent window damage and help prolong the life of the windows. While cleaning the windows on a regular basis is essential, handling them with proper care is necessary.

Tilt-in double hung windows are not only beautiful and will complement any home, but they are easy to clean. They offer remarkable efficiency and are available in various styles and colors to match your home’s decor. Call us today for a free estimate for window replacement for your home.