Losing Energy with Leaking Windows

The most prevalent areas of a home for drafts are leaky windows and doors, which may cause heat or energy loss. Energy efficient windows are one of the most effective ways to upgrade your home while concurrently cutting down energy use.

Are leaky windows working for you?

All windows should allow for ventilation, minimize background sounds and provide insulation value to regulate the loss of heat. Most homeowners are also seeking windows that are beautiful, long-lasting and help keep their home comfy and safe.

Here is what to consider when checking windows for issues:

Window Drafts – Your windows should provide the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home while keeping out insects and the elements. If the elements like rain aren’t remaining outside, it may be time to consider new windows.

Check out your existing windows for damage or decay caused by moisture content or insect damage. If a window frame is cracked or leaky, it should be replaced right away. If the window is not replaced, you may risk further damage to the window and surrounding walls.

Convenience of Operation – Windows that are difficult to open, probably won’t get used. Is cleaning your windows a major challenge that you just avoid it altogether? A window that doesn’t operate properly is kept locked. Newer venting windows can be effortlessly cleaned from the inside of the home with tilting components and revolutionary hinging.

Temperature Control and Effectiveness – Ineffective windows can prevent your furnace or air conditioner from keeping up with the temperature set on the thermostat. If you find controlling the temperature in the home during the summer or winter, then it can be a sign that your windows are too drafty.

Today’s windows are built with considerable weather-stripping methods and consist of well-insulated glass. High-performance glass is now 70% more effective than some of the original insulated glass products of decades ago.

Damage Responsibility – If an object came crashing through your window or the glass in a window is destroyed over and above repair, then it should be replaced. Once a window is damaged, the exposure to the elements can lead to damage to the frame or enable air leakage.

Lead Paint Safety – Homes built prior to 1978 may consist of lead paint, particularly older homes with painted windows or trim. Children are most susceptible to lead poisoning, so in homes with young children, it’s vital to remove possible lead subjection. A solution to the problem is to replace the windows as well as the trim.

Reducing Sound – People traffic, road disturbance and neighborhood pets could affect people trying to sleep.  New windows can help reduce sound.  A window with minimal sound transmittance can create a quieter environment for sleeping or relaxing.

Window Wear – Windows that are worn, chipped, water-stained or are not as attractive can be ideal candidates for replacement windows. Window choices from manufacturers continue to grow as innovation moves the industry. New windows not only work better but provide a clean and up to date appearance for a home.

These are several indicators that it may be time to replace your windows.  Chicago Window Pros is the Chicago area’s leading window replacement company providing high-quality window choices at the most affordable prices.

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