Maintenance Tips for Long-term Functioning Vinyl Windows

Installing beautiful windows in your home will go a long way to updating your home’s appearance. Window replacements is an investment and the way you regularly maintain your windows will impact how long they end up lasting, how great they look, and how well they operate.

The majority of window problems is due to lack of maintenance or improper use. With suitable maintenance, you can keep your windows looking and lasting like new for a long time.

Each style of window has its very own maintenance requirements.

Maintenance Window Replacement Tips For Longer Lasting Windows

Vinyl Window Maintenance Suggestions

Demonstrate how to use your new replacement windows to everyone who lives in the home. It isn’t uncommon windows getting damaged by someone who uses them the wrong way. Eventually, misusing the window may cause rapid wear-and-tear.

Once your new windows are installed, be sure to ask the installer to demonstrate how to properly operate the windows. There may be videos that can be easily found online of how to operate your specific window.

Clean the Window Glass Frequently

Maintaining the glass of your windows by keeping them clean can help it better deplete moisture. Stored moisture can harm your windows as time passes and give them a cloudy appearance.

Cleaning glass may seem easy, but there are some simple window-cleaning mistakes to avoid. When cleaning the glass, use glass cleaner and a soft towel-like microfiber towel. An abrasive towel may damage your window’s glass easily.

Besides abrasive cloths, do not use sharp objects on the windows like steel woold, knives or blades. You should also stay away from abrasive window cleaners and detergents, too.

Regularly Clean the Interior Vinyl Frame

The vinyl frame of your window can lead to discoloration it isn’t cleaned correctly.

To clean your vinyl frame just use a gentle solution made of soapy water. You do not want to use solutions made of strong solvents or acid cleaners.

Occasionally Clean the Exterior Vinyl Frame

Along with cleaning the interior frame, you should also clean the exterior vinyl window frame at least a couple times a year.

Also when cleaning the exterior of the window, use a gentle soap, water, and soft cloth. Acid cleaners, tough abrasives, and also pressure-washing can discolor or damage your vinyl.

When finished cleaning, be sure to thoroughly rinse the soap. Leftover soap residue can dry into an unappealing coating.

Keep Window Tracks Clean

An important way to keep vinyl windows working properly is by keeping the tracks clean. Dirt and dust accumulate in the tracks as time passes. This puts additional stress on the window and may affect how energy-efficient the windows will be. Additionally, it can cause hinges, rollers, locks, and weatherstripping to degrade faster.

These are simple maintenance tips to help keep your vinyl windows working properly and looking like new inside and out.  Setting time to maintain the interior and exterior windows will help preserve your investment.

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