South of Waukegan and north of Lake Bluff, Arlington Heights features many different styles of homes. This Lake Michigan city arose in the Gilded Age and retains architectural influences from many eras—all of which are enhanced by Chicago Window Pros’ wide selection of Pella sliding doors, entry doors, and patio doors.

Pella Sliding Doors: Arlington Heights’s Best Door Choice

Tight entryways in your Arlington Heights home can be challenging to negotiate. Pella sliding doors from Chicago Window Pros boast a space-saving design, making them a better choice for doorways that are wide but not deep. In warm wood, rugged fiberglass, or low-maintenance vinyl, Chicago Window Pros has a set of Pella sliding doors for every taste and budget.

Features such as designer hardware, built-in shades or blinds, and chic colors and textures allow you to customize Pella sliding doors, matching them perfectly to the décor in your Arlington Heights abode. Chicago Window Pros are trained by the manufacturer to masterfully install your sliding doors. In fact, we’ve earned the coveted Pella Platinum Certified Contractor status, which is held by fewer than 1% of contractors and door installers.


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Please note: We do not perform repair work. (Broken Windows, Glass Replacement, Screens, etc)

Pella Entry Doors for Arlington Heights Houses

Chicago Window Pros expertly installs Pella entry doors for homeowners in Arlington Heights, gracing the outside doors of your home with strong, energy-efficient entryways. We carry a choice of fiberglass, steel, and wood Pella entry doors, in both solid and window-inset styles.

We can match the colors and trim of your home with Pella entry doors in a variety of finishes and tones. No matter when your Arlington Heights home was built, we can help you find a Pella entry door that suits its architecture and character.

Pella Patio Doors: Casual Entryways in Arlington Heights

For your less-formal doorways, Chicago Window Pros is delighted to meet your needs with a line of Pella patio doors. From the most basic vinyl sliders to multi-slide patio doors, the convenience of bifold doors to the elegance of French doors with decorative grilles, Chicago Window Pros will install Pella patio doors that allow you to appreciate the beauty of your Arlington Heights neighborhood even while you’re indoors. With features like between-the-glass shades, distinctive hinges and handles, and a full spectrum of colors, Pella patio doors from Chicago Window Pros will make your patio a highlight of your Arlington Heights hideaway.

If you’re looking for added security, Pella’s Insynctive® technology lets you monitor the openings and closings of your patio doors in Arlington Heights from your connected mobile device, no matter where you are in the world. For more information about this advanced feature, or for a quote on Pella patio doors, sliding doors, or entry doors for your Arlington Heights residence, call Chicago Window Pros today at (888) 308-9050.

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