Preparing Your Windows for Heavy Rains

If you live in the Chicagoland area, then your home is exposed to heavy rains and intense weather conditions.  With that said, it is important to prepare for the increase of water and wind encountering your windows. A professional window installation company like Chicago Window Pros can help you to prepare your windows for extreme elements.

Here are some tips for preparing your home windows for rain:

Get a professional home window inspection.

The first step to getting your home ready for rainy weather is to have your windows inspected to be sure that they are functioning properly. To protect your home and windows from damage due to a rain storm, it’s essential that your windows are operating as they should be.

Replace windows when necessary.

If you do need to replace your windows, it’s important to do it right away before rainy season begins. Sometimes with rain, there are heavy winds or hail.  You want to make sure your windows are protected as well as the inside of the home from any window leaks.

Repair your windows if needed.

If you need to repair any of your windows, be sure to fix right away. Fixing any issues that are present like repairing any cracks that you may have. This is particularly important if you have wood framework around your windows. You won’t want a window leak with water that could have been prevented by simply making the repairs in advance.

Examine the weather-stripping.

The weather-stripping is what will keep your windows sealed and keep any water or other elements out that tries to seep through. To protect your interior of your home, it’s essential to check the weather-stripping and replace any of it if it needs to be replaced. Failing to do so can result in unwanted leaks from the heavy rain or air leakage.

Chicago is known for its weather like heavy winds, snow, rain and hail. You can help keep your windows and your home as well protected from the unpredictable Chicago weather by keeping up with window repairs and issues.

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