Problems with Leaky Windows

More than likely at some point in your life, you have experienced a leaky window in your home.  You would know if you had a leaky window because you would feel a draft around the window or may notice moisture in the glass.  While a leaky window may be a minor problem, it can turn into a bigger problem if it is not taken care of.

How you can tell if you have a leaky window problem.  You would feel a draft around your window, you would notice moisture within the glass or even notice the growth of mold.  Although some window leakages are minimal, they can cause problems in the near future, which is why it’s vital to repair these issues window issues right away to prevent them from occurring down the road.

If you find a window issue, it is a good idea to find out what is causing the issue.  Was it a problem that started after the windows were installed, a product defect or just wear and tear over time.

Drafts Caused by Leaky Windows

Drafts are a common issue of a leaky window. When the window’s seal is jeopardized, outside air has a way of escaping and the air inside can easily escape too.

This will affect your home’s energy efficiency if the heat is on during the colder months and the interior heat escapes through a crack around your window and cold air gets inside. The only way to compensate for the loss of heat is to turn the heat up; this will result in a costly energy bill.

The cause of window drafts could be from a number of things. The current window could have been installed improperly, something could have caused a crack to form for air to escape or it could just be a regular window performance decline over time. Typically, since wood and vinyl windows are prone to window warping, it is not unusual to see a performance decline quicker than a fiberglass window.

Loss of Insulation

Without the gas between the panes of your window, there would be practically no insulation within that window. Heat would have no issue moving through the glass and the room would have awful energy efficiency.

Age, mold growth, weathering or lack of appropriate maintenance; all of these things could result in the insulating gas to escape your window.

Trapped Moisture

If moisture has a way inside the home, it can promote mold growth.

If you have wood windows and are dealing with serious water damage to the windows, there is a chance you can get rotting. If it gets bad enough, a window replacement might not be enough to solve the problem.

Trapped moisture can be caused when a window expands and contracts during the winter and summer months and cause the window to crack or warp. This creates a way for moisture to get into the home and spread.

A leaky window could lead to some costly repairs down the road. Drafts, moisture issues and loss of insulation can eventually lead to the need for a window replacement.

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