Saving Money During Wintery Months

Most individuals would like to save money and save it anywhere they can, particularly with utility expenses. The energy used during the colder months can very easily be thrown away if there are drafts in the windows. Having an energy-efficient home is essential in order to minimize your energy expenses. To assist with managing expenses, you can use these helpful energy saving tips this winter:

On warm days when the sun is glowing in your windows, keep your curtains or blinds open.

For the doors, use weather-stripping.

Always keep your furnace and vents cleaned out.

Use a humidifier to enhance the moisture to the air.

At night and also during non-sunny days, close your curtains or blinds.

On floors that have a tendency to get cold, put throw rugs on them.

If you use ceiling fans, change the setting to low and also clockwise to improve ventilation and airflow.

During resting hours, reduce your thermostat by 10 degrees during the course of the night.

Use a warm comforter with warm sheets.

Use exhaust fans from time to time.

When on the couch, get comfortable with a throw blanket.

Make sure that your home is well-insulated.

Regularly, check your windows for drafts. Windows can eliminate plenty of heat in your home. If your windows are old or are leaky, you may want to have a window professional assess your windows to see if you need replacement windows.

Doing very simple things during the chillier months can help save money with your energy expenses. If you are leaking air as a result of your windows, you may want to have the windows looked at. Feeling drafts is not pleasing particularly when it is cold outside. Furthermore, the money you are tossing out the window when heat is getting out mainly because of the drafty windows. Chicago Window Pros will help you eliminate the drafts and assist with saving money.

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Posted by Chicago Window Pros on Thursday, November 1, 2018