Should Window Screens be Removed for Winter?

It is getting colder and getting more wintery outside in the Midwest. With that said, you may be thinking about keeping your home warmer.  Have you ever wondered if you should remove your screens from your windows?  You may or may not decide to remove your window screens and if you do decide, then maybe make it a yearly window maintenance you do.

Advantages of Removing Screens for the Winter Months

Before winter really begins, it is a good idea to remove window screens and clean the exterior of the window sills. Once you have cleaned the screens and inspected them for damage, you may want to store them until the spring.

With single Pane Windows, screens should be substituted for storm windows to keep warm air inside your home. With storm windows, it helps to create a heat barrier that will strengthen window insulation properties.

During snowstorms, snow can get trapped between the screens and windows, which may cause damage to the window frames, window sill and the window screen.

Taking away window screens during the winter months enables elevated solar heat – the amount of energy that penetrates a window. This will help heat a room just by the solar energy.

Solar heat helps to minimize the amount of work from your heating system and may help save money with heating expenses.

Storing Window Screens

A reason someone may not want to store window screens is if they or someone likes a cool breeze in a room. A screen would help protect against snow or debris from entering inside your home.

Overall, removing and storing window screens during the winter months will help to save energy and heating while saving your money.  Additionally, removing window screens will help preserve the life of your screens, window frames, and window sills by avoiding wear and any damage from winter storms.  Because you are storing clean screens, when you replace the screens back into the windows, it will be like you have newer window screens.

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