The Best Styles of Windows Providing Fantastic Lighting and Airflow

There is a wide assortment of window styles available offering many options to fit your home. When you want to have new windows, you may find yourself wanting to have many styles throughout your home, based on the window’s function and the design of the room. Regardless, Chicago Window Pros supplies the industry’s leading windows offering energy savings, fantastic lighting and optimal airflow.

When you are thinking about purchasing new windows in Chicago area, there are several styles you can choose from offering different lighting and airflow options.

1. Sliding Windows make a great choice if you prefer your windows wide opened. As the name indicates, this type of window opens easily by sliding it from side-to-side. Because of this at any time you like easy to use feature, you will appreciate lots of natural light and ventilation.

With sliding windows, you can optimize your space and upgrade the look of your home all at one time. The nice clean angles of our sliding windows showcase a stream-lined design that can complement the style of any room in your home.

2. Casement Windows function very much like a door by swinging out from one side or the other. The windows have hinges on only one side of the window and will open outward wide to direct a considerable amount of natural light and airflow into your home. Additionally, you can take pleasure in the beautiful views outside because there is no sash frame in the center of the window to hinder the view, as opposed to other window types.

Chicago Window Pros offers a variety of casement windows that can be easily customized to fit your home’s needs. Also, you can choose from a wide assortment of interior and exterior color choices. You will find and quickly appreciate that our windows will not lose color, chip or break over time simply because of the high-quality material.

3. Double Hung Windows are made of two sashes; one installed above the other one. Either sash can be opened by sliding the panels vertically and can easily manage airflow. Sliding down the top sash and elevating the lower sash can enable warmer air near the ceiling to circulate through the top window, while much cooler air can easily circulate in through the bottom window.

Our double hung windows incorporate traditional yet a sophisticated style with a modern-like spin to it. The innovative materials used during manufacturing as well as the numerous complementing colors and surface finishes will give your home an immediate visual appeal like no other.

No matter what you are looking for, Chicago Window Pros will offer you the best styles of windows offering the best lighting and ventilation to meet your needs.

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