The Cost of Window Replacements

When considering purchasing new windows, the cost is something many think about when making their decision. What makes up the cost of the window purchase is the windows and the installation of the windows. Installation varies depending on if there are customized options, the extent of the window project and the style of the windows. Chicago Window Pros is the Chicago area’s leading window company offering economical window solutions to area residents.

For instance, window cost is affected by if you go from a typical window style like casement windows to a bay window. More than likely, it will require some minor remodeling of the current window space, which is likely to impact the overall cost of the replacement. Also, the cost may increase if you choose any upgrades like color, enhancements or hardware.

Cost Factors for Window Replacement

1. The installation of the new window installation is just as important as the new window itself.

The installation of new windows is just as important as the quality of the new windows. Windows are typically replaced only once of the lifetime the current owner has the house. Therefore, it is important to think about the quality of the window and the installation by properly shopping and investigating.

2. Upgrades like hardware, grid patterns, styles, colors, wood grain and more can affect the cost of the windows.

It is obvious that every homeowner and every house is different and that affects the cost of new replacement windows. Based on personal preferences, you may decide on a custom window for your home and it may increase the cost of the new replacement window. An example would if looking for a certain type of wood window but would like easier maintenance like a vinyl window, you may select a woodgrain laminate that looks very close to a wood window.

3. The style of the window can also affect the cost of a window like if you choose a bay or bow window, double hung or a casement window, etc.

When shopping for new windows, it can be an overwhelming experience because there are so many different style options for windows. Double hung vinyl windows are usually a little bit pricier than a single hung window because of the extra value they provide. A double hung window opens from the top for easier cleaning access and many homeowners love the ability to open the upper half of the window while keeping children and pets much safer in the home. Other homeowners prefer casement windows than any other style because they open using a simple crank of the handle.

4. Energy efficiency can be a big part of the cost of a new window.

While most new windows replacements are energy-efficient, there are improvements and efficiency options that can make the new windows even more efficient. Examples would be Low-E coating, argon gas fill, and Energy Star certified are just a few options generally used in to provide even more efficiency to the window to keep the cold in the home and the warmth outside in the summer or keep the warmth in the home while keeping the cold outside the home.

The Cost of Window Replacements

The examples that impact the cost of window replacements are as follows:

– The Style of the Window
– Customized Options
– If the Project is a Remodel or Replacement
– Contractor

Window replacement can be an affordable option and an option that can last you many years if you do your research first to ensure you are getting the best value for the money. Chicago Window Pros is what Chicago area residents prefer when it comes to getting affordable window solutions and installation.

Chicago Window Pros is well-known in the Chicagoland area as being the main window replacement company.  We offer homeowners high-quality windows at the most affordable pricing. To schedule an appointment or to receive a window replacement estimate call: (888) 308-9050. You can also request a FREE QUOTE on our contact page.