What Makes an Energy-Efficient Window?

More than likely older windows are not energy-efficient like windows are today.  To save energy and save money, energy-efficient windows are the solution.  Chicago Window Pros is the leading window replacement company providing high-quality energy-efficient windows.

There are various factors that will affect windows being energy efficient:

  • Window Style
  • Material of Window
  • Type of Glass
  • Where Window is Located
  • and more!

What Makes a Window More Energy-Efficient?

Low-E Glass – Low-E glass is a special coating on the glass that helps to keep heat inside the home during the winter and outside the home during the summer.  A Low-E coating is applied to the surface to give glass the ability to reflect heat back, which will boost energy performance and provide various levels of reflectivity and UV protection.

Multiple Panes – The more panes a window has, the better it will insulate the home, especially if the panes are gas-filled in between the space.  The window with two glass panes would be separated by a space filled with air or gas.  With single pane windows, you can’t have air or gas-filled panes.

Window Frames – High-quality made frames will insulate the home better than poor quality frames.

Stronger Window Frames – Often vinyl windows are engineered to have mechanically-fastened corners that will get rid of water infiltration. This makes the window frames more durable and will last longer and hold up especially against most elements

Foam-Filled Window Frames – Windows operate much better when filled with polyurethane insulation foam. These types of frames will help avoid energy loss with this effective insulation.

Gas Filled Window Panes – Heavy gas is inserted between window panes to provide more insulation than air to reduce heat exchange.

Chicago Window Pros supplies well-made and beautifully crafted energy-efficient windows.  Our windows are top-notch and provide the best energy efficiency.  Energy efficiency is important when replacing any windows to save energy and money.

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