What to Consider with Window Replacement in Chicago

When considering window replacement, there are many questions we get asked. We get asked about the best color frame we recommend for a house? Do we think double pane or triple pane will be a better option? Is one window manufacturer better than another? At Chicago Window Pros, we strive to answer your questions, so you will have a better understanding about our windows.

It’s A Messy Job

Replacing windows is a messy job. Even though our installation team does the greatest job they can to reduce the clutter, some dust and dirt is unavoidable. The installation can run smoother if you remove furniture and decor before we arrive.

Kids and Pets

We want to make sure your kids and pets are safe during the window installation. Please, keep your pets contained and safe, so they will not run out the door as we enter and leave your home. Once a window is removed, a child or a pet can easily climb through the opening and get hurt. We want to make sure they are protected while we are there.


With any construction related job on your home, there can be issue. We by no means want to discover a structural problem or water damage but it does happen. You need to be ready for any unknown issue once we remove your windows. Often the repairs are minor and can be taken care of that day but other times it can require additional assistance.

Weather can be an issue when replacing windows. We don’t want to replace windows when there is heavy rain. It may be necessary to reschedule your window replacement if the weather is bad. It is for the safety of you, your family, our crew and your home.

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