What to Know About Window Replacement

Window replacement isn’t a home improvement project done often. Most individuals may replace their windows only once in their life-time. When it is time to replace windows, it can be an overwhelming task, and many don’t know much about window replacements. Chicago Window Pros will assist you with figuring out which windows need to be replaced and will help you find windows that work within your budget.

1. The functionality of a window is vital.

You can take the easy route out and replace your current window with the very same window style, but is that what you really want? Is the ease of opening a window important to you? Or maybe you would like to add more space to your home? These are just a couple of questions to ask yourself and when you think about the functions you would like in your new windows, you can research it or ask us.

2. It probably isn’t necessary to replace all of your windows at one time.

Replacement windows are a significant purchase and can easily be divided into multiple projects. You may want to replace only half of the windows in your house at a time.

3. Window Replacement is not a “Do it Yourself” project.

Professional window installers replace windows constantly and they have the skills to get the job done quickly. Our window installers are trained to properly install your windows regardless of the manufacturer.

4. Know what the various numbers mean.

A window’s energy efficiency is based on a few different factors like air leakage, U-factor, Visible Transmittance and Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient. It’s vital to know what these things mean because you will want different numbers depending on where you reside. For instance, if you have cold winters, then you will want a lower U-factor. This means your window is helping capture heat inside your home. Even so, if your weather is sunny and warm year long, a lower SHGC will be more crucial to you. The lower a SHGC, the more the sun is blocked and reflected off your window to help keep your home cooler.

5. Custom windows will take time for installation.

Window size, features and type of glass all contribute into your windows’ manufacturing time. On the average, there is a 4-6 week time period for windows to be manufactured and shipped.

6. Research your window company.

Before you hire a window replacement contractor, make sure you feel you can trust them. Ask if they have references, the type of insurance they have or if they will they be using subcontractors. These are just a a few examples of what you will want answers to.

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