What to Look for in Replacement Windows

Having energy-efficient windows in your home will likely reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. With poor quality windows not only will affect the temperature in the home but may also be a security risk for you and your family. For new homeowners whether the home is new or old, they should be concerned about the quality of their current windows.  Windows can fail at any time because of this, you want to make sure you let an expert evaluate them.  Chicago Window Pros is the Chicago area’s leading window company providing top-notch windows to the area.

Should You Purchase Replacement Windows?

For new homeowners when you inspect your new home, be sure to check the windows to make sure they all close all the way and lock correctly. Faulty windows may leak air through the windows and you want to make sure yours don’t. You can check for leaks around your windows by placing a hand around the window’s edges to see if you can feel air from the outside.

Additionally. you can check the caulk around the windows to see if it is dry or falling apart.  If it is, then it is time to replace the caulk round the windows.  If the pain is peeling or cracking, you can easily scrape it off and repaint the windows.

Most importantly, you want to make sure the windows can easily open and close. You are checking to make sure the windows don’t stick.

Deciding on the Best Replacement Windows in Chicago

When deciding on a window company, it can be an overwhelming task. You will find reputable companies may offer a payment plan to help homeowners with the cost.  Replacement windows will be one of the most significant purchases in your home and you want to be sure you are receiving the most affordable windows that are high-quality. New windows ill not only help you save money with your energy bills, but also increase your home’s value.

When Looking for a Window Replacement Company in Chicago, Consider the Following:

  • Check the Online Reviews
  • Ask for References
  • Ask to see a Portfolio of Past Work
  • Make sure Technicians are Trained
  • Ask about a Warranty on the Window
  • Ask about the Window Manufacturers

Chicago Window Pros is known for being the Chicago area’s leading window replacement company that offers top-notch windows at low-cost prices. Give us a call today to schedule your free window replacement estimate (888) 308-9050. You can also request a FREE QUOTE through our contact page.