Why Replace Your Windows?

When you own a home, you may need to replace your windows at least once.  There are several reasons as to why individuals replace their windows. It may be because the windows are outdated, not energy efficient, leaking air, cosmetic reasons or for other reasons.  Chicago Window Pros is regarded as the leading window replacement company of the Chicago area offering high-quality window replacements at affordable prices.

Some of the main reasons why people may replace their home windows are as follows:

Energy Efficiency – One of the main reasons for energy loss in a home is because of the windows. More than likely with energy efficient windows you can potentially save over 15% off your energy bills. Homeowners with older homes with single pane glass will notice the most savings.

Easy to Clean – Dirty windows greatly decrease the amount of apparent light coming through the windows. Nowadays, there are many features available with new windows that make window cleaning a lot easier. Double-hung windows offer features to make the window cleaning process a lot easier like the easy tilt in sashes and casement windows offering a crank out and over for easy cleaning.

Comfort – The elimination of cold drafts and window glass offering reflective properties help to keep heat inside the home during the winter and keep the cool air in the home during the summer.

Noise Reduction – With new windows and more features offered with Low E coatings, Argon, weather stripping, and other insulating options, you will likely have a quieter home without hearing the outside in your home.

Safety and Security – More safety and security features are offered with new windows that provide an easier escape route in case of fire. For the greatest security protection, laminated glass can minimize the chance of break-ins by eliminating the need for security bars.

Maintenance-Free – Many windows are made to require little or no maintenance at all. Regardless of the window type, most require minimal maintenance including eliminating the need to paint them regularly.

No matter what with new window replacement, it won’t take long to realize all the great benefits you will have like increased security, money savings, energy savings, low maintenance and much more!  Chicago Window Pros will match you with the best windows matching what you want out of your new windows.

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