Window Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your Home Looking Gorgeous

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There are simple things you can do to help keep their windows looking beautiful while making them more functional. With regular maintenance work it can help extend the life of your home, protect against a costly window issues in the future and decrease energy bills.

Window Maintenance Tips:

Check your Windows. Generally, home windows are subjected to harsh elements during most seasons especially in the Midwest. While inspecting windows, check for corrosion in metal windows, decay in wood windows or any other noticeable external damage. In multiple pane windows, look for any signs of moisture in between the panes. When you see moisture, it may mean the seals have failed. In addition, it is advisable to open each window all the way and check all the window’s moving parts. Any mechanical issues or movement troubles will most likely indicate a structural issue with the window or a part needing to be replaced.

Repaint your Windows. Every few years, you can repaint metal and wood window depending on how harsh the outside environment. Repainting windows will help defend them from the elements and can assist with preventing decay and rust. Certainly, newly painted windows will look nicer and enhance the overall look of your home.

Reseal your Windows. Sealants and weather-stripping are useful methods for increasing the energy efficiency of windows, particularly in older homes. Even so, these sealing procedures will not last forever and should be replaced at the first sign of wear or damage. Considering that sealing products are usually affordable, this is an easy repair and can yield considerable energy savings when done regularly.

Clean your Windows. Many individuals will clean their windows just to retain the elegance of their home. Having said that, cleaning the windows is an essential part of maintenance, too. It is particularly important to clean the window frame, casing and close by wall areas including the window glass. This will protect against buildup of any debris or dirt, which can often lead to window jams and other more severe issues.

As with other home improvement projects, frequent window maintenance can help protect against severe window issues as well as keep your home looking beautiful. Chicago Window Pros is regarded as the Chicago area’s main window replacement company delivering top-notch windows at affordable prices. Just call us today to schedule your free window replacement estimate. Contact us at: (888) 308-9050, today. You can also request a FREE QUOTE through our contact page.