Window Replacement Glass Options

When considering new windows for your home, you will need to decide from various window glass options.  Based on what you are looking for and your budget will ultimately decide what you get.  Chicago Windows Pros is the Chicago area’s top window replacement company.  Our experienced representative will go over the various options available to help you decide.

The advantages and disadvantages of the various types of window glass:

Low-E Glass

Low-E window glass provides the most energy efficiency. The glass features a special coating on each side of the window pane. The coating presents thermal energy on the side of the glass that it comes in contact with, so the Low-E coating will reflect heat out through the hot summer months, and it will keep heat inside during the winter months. With double pane Low-E windows, krypton gas or argon gas is used between the panes to deliver exceptional insulation. These enhancements reduce energy usage, so replacement windows that receive a Low-E coating will end up lowering heating and cooling expenses.

Low Maintenance Glass

It can be time-consuming and complicated to keep the glass clean under a number of conditions. Low maintenance glass was designed to offer an alternative. A special coating is included to the exterior face of the pane, and it is specifically developed to enable the glass to stay cleaner for extended periods of time. Low maintenance glass is also a lot easier to clean than traditional glass.

Tempered Glass

If looking for maximum durability, you should consider using tempered glass or called safety glass.  It is because the glass will not break into big, sharp pieces if shattered. Furthermore, the glass is very hard to break simply because it is up to 500 percent more durable than standard glass.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass can be a great option by being effective for homeowners living in areas with a very warm climate.  The tinting on the glass acts as a filter that will block or absorbs UV light and infrared radiation.  When tinted glass is used along with a Low-E coating, there is an exceptional level of protection against harmful UV rays with energy consumption minimized.

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