Window Replacement Questions

There are plenty of homeowners who have not yet replaced their windows in their homes. It is a big project and a big investment that may feel overwhelming. With this said, it may lead to several replacement window questions. Chicago Window Pros understands homeowners will have questions regarding their investment into their replacement windows, and our experts will answer every question and concern you have.

The Most Common Window Replacement Questions:

Can I Choose Windows That are Different Than My Current Windows?

Yes, you can choose any type of window you like. The benefit of purchasing new replacement windows is that you can choose whatever you like once your old windows are removed. Not only can you choose the window style, but you can also change it from one that goes up-and-down to a window that slides side-to-side. Also, may even be able to make the existing window opening bigger, so you can enjoy more of an outside view.

When Is It Time To Replace Windows?

The best answer to this question is if it seems hot when you stand beside the window during the summer months or feels cold during the winter, it is most likely time to replace your windows. While that is a basic answer, here are a couple of factors that may also mean window replacement is necessary.

• Windows are older than 15 years.
• The glass gets fogged or moisture is forming in between the glass.
• The frame is falling apart or rotting.
• Windows are jammed or stuck shut.
• The balancers make noise going up and down or will not hold the window up.
• You feel a draft coming in around the sides of the window.

What Is LOW E?

The metallic coating that is used in the inside of the glass of the window is called Low E. Low E keeps the heat out and away from the window while keeping the home cooler. It is the part of the window that does most of the work when it comes to energy-efficiency. The greater the Low E rating, the far better it will be at hindering the heat. Additionally, to Low E, there are other components of the window that assist with increasing its efficiency such as foam filled frames, Argon gas and non-conductive spacers between the glass.

What is the Life Span for New Windows?

The fact is new windows won’t last for a long time. Nevertheless, with the technology and quality offered today, you can conveniently depend on a few decades with new replacement windows. We carry various manufacturers that offer a full lifetime warranty. If there are any problems with your windows, we will take care of them if you own your home.

What is the Cost of Replacement Windows?

This one is challenging to answer because of the different factors that go into selecting a replacement window like the style, size, color and installation requirements. The best way to get the most accurate cost is to schedule an appointment with out of our window replacement experts.

How to Get Started with your Window Replacement Project?

We know these are just a few of the common replacement window questions, and we are always available to answer any of your questions. Our window experts will meet with you and be able to answer any questions.

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