Windows Can Improve Mood

Most people may have different kinds of moods just from different seasons.  When the exposure to natural light is limited, it may affect a person’s mood making them more sad, depressed or even down.

Interestingly, research is showing that with today’s lifestyles, it is keeping people indoors under artificial lighting for more extended periods of time. This can affect our overall wellbeing by encouraging more depression and down feelings.

The lack of sunlight can also disrupt brain chemicals, metabolism, mood, immune system, brain chemicals and, a person’s energy. You can improve your wellbeing by allowing more natural light into your home.

With Being Exposed to More Light, You Can Expect:

Increased Energy — Sunlight boosts oxygen levels in blood and will increase overall fitness.

Improved Immune System— With more sun exposure, the white blood cells increase and help defend the body against infections.

Skin — Skin disorders such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc. improve when exposed to the sun.

Lower Cholesterol — When exposed to the sun, high cholesterol is converted into steroid hormones and sex hormones.

Lower Blood Pressure— Exposure to the sun’s rays has a significant and positive effect on high blood pressure helping it to improve.
Less Depressed — Consistent sunlight helps decrease depression and poor moods.
Increased Vitamin D— The sun’s rays are a natural source for Vitamin D, which is an essential vitamin for the immune system, bone health, strong teeth, anti-cancer and more.
Quality Windows Can Help Your Health

Realistically, the more windows you have in your home, the more light can penetrate within it.

There are ways you can help more light enter your home:

– Be sure to clean the interior and exterior of the windows.
– Use light-weight and light-colored window coverings.
– During the daytime, open window coverings to let in as much light as you can.
– Change your front door to include decorative glass to brighten up the entryway.

Improving the amount of natural light can improve your overall wellbeing.  If you can’t afford new windows right now, you can do simple things to improve the amount of light in your home.  If you are needing new windows in your home, Chicago Window Pros can help you with choosing the best windows to help you bring as much natural light in your home.

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